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How important is your website hosting package and can it impact on your websites success?

Every website owner will at some point have to select a website hosting package, usually once their website has been completed by their web design company, but what are the factors to consider when choosing a hosting supplier and what importance do these have on having a successful website? When selecting a website hosting provider there [...]

The Importance of Analytics – Part of having a successful website design

Once you have your website up and running measuring your website traffic and gathering the user data available is an important step in ensuring you have a successful website design. In this article I will outline the importance of Google Analytics, however the type of information available through Google Analytics is also available by using other [...]

What makes a successful website?

So, you may be tasked with finding a web design company to create your company’s first website, or perhaps you have already been through the ups and downs of creating a website and you are after a refresh or upgrade. Creating a successful website can be a challenging process at the best of times and [...]

How Important are Localised Searches?

Every business owner already knows how important it is to develop a strong online presence and most of us focus on Global or National searches when instructing an SEO company to optimise our site. We all forget the local searches as they are “easier” to target, however how important are these localised searches to your [...]

Facebook Competition Case Study – Black Diamond Boutique

We have developed various Facebook competition apps for clients which serve to attract new leads and strengthen the relationship with current contacts. A Facebook competition serves a lot more than just attracting new likes to your pages. The information gathered through the competitions we have run, have been extremely valuable to our clients. Not only [...]